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Social Media Content Sources

Most common question(s) people ask me: "Hey Candace, HOW do you find all that fantastic content you post to OU social media on a consistent daily basis? Where do you find it? What is your secret?"

...or that's how I hear it.

My answer(s):

1. Google Alerts - I have these set up for "University of Oklahoma," "Boomer Sooner," "David Boren," "OU," you get the idea. Any key words your organization uses, catch phrases, mottos, names, etc make for great alerts.

Google Alerts are easy to set up. Simply go to, type in what you want an alert for, select your options (frequency, language, region, etc.) and it will deliver as you specify to the email address you submit.  Cool, huh?

These alerts are not only good for content. They are also great sources for monitoring how you organization is being presented to the outside world. Are stories portraying you the way you would like? Are they delivering big news? Is it on point with your branding strategy? If yes, great! If not, there's an opportunity to try a different approach in what you are marketing.

2. Build a Network. Though my job appears to be totally virtual, it's absolutely not. Some of my greatest content sources are actual humans around campus. These real, live human beings and I have developed a relationship outside the confines of the digital world. They know what I do and what my job is and vice versa. These relationships are vital to content marketing and they are mutually beneficial. They send me their messaging, photos, event details (which is ready-made content for me to post to OU's social outlets) and in return, they get a reach much larger than they generally would have on their own. Win. Win.

3. At OU, we have what we call a "Content Submission Form." This handy little gem is another way for people to submit materials for dissemination through our social channels. It's the more official version of #2; however, it doesn't only come to me - there are many on the list of recipients who are also welcome to use the information that comes through on this form. Speaking of this form, it was created on a simple format. Wufoo is easy to use and even has a free option. Morgan, our content manager, even has the link in the signature of her email sign off. So smart.

4. Troll your timeline and notifications. I don't mean be a troll and comment mean things. I mean scour the comments and notifications to see what people are talking about. Measure their sentiment. People will always tell you what they want to see or let you know when they don't want to see something. Of course, you don't have to listen to ALL of it but it will give you a good indication of what does well (i.e. what you should post more of) and what doesn't (what you should change up if you have to post something similar later on). Many times people will even let you know when things are going on on campus, ask for something they'd like to see or give you a heads up on something you may need to know. Notifications are invaluable and should never be ignored - they should be utilized to their full capacity!

So set up those alerts, make some friends, make a form and become a super creeper and let the content come rolling in!