7 Things I Learned in My First Week Working From Home

Well here we are. Or here I am, rather. This very evening I am sitting in the same spot I've sat most of the day because I now work from home. (!!!) And yes, if you didn't see it on my social media channels, I have a new job. Wow, what a year of change this has been. 

In addition to having a new found motivation for getting my home office ready, these are the things I've learned in my first week of working from home:

Jove and Llama

1. Jovie is the best coworker I've ever had. As humans I've actually worked with, some of you may be questioning this. But I ask you - have you ever laid on my feet to keep them warm? No, you have not.


2. I get a crazy amount of work done in my pajamas. All work and no fun may make Jack a dull boy but rolling out of bed, making coffee and cracking open my laptop makes Candace a productive woman.


3. I've started ordering things in the mail so I can pretend the mailman is my friend. Also I really like getting mail and I like being home when it comes. Like Steve on Blues Clues once said, "MAIL TIME! "

4. Some people actually use the One Drive in Microsoft Outlook. Some people being the people at the new company I work for. Who knew it was so efficient? 

5. I don't really feel anything other than cold (because, winter has finally decided to appear and Jack Frost has been nipping at my nose) in this season of my life. I thought I'd feel lost for awhile and struggle with filling my time working from home but other than the usual trying to figure out who does what in a new job, no maps needed over here. I feel very at home with the company and the people and there is always plenty of work to keep me busy. Bonus: It's work that excites me.


6. I like being home alone more than is probably healthy but who's really to say? I seem to be taking comfort in my solitude. The stillness is soothing and I feel at least a part of me had been craving the peaceful quiet. 

But this is also not a constant as...

7. I've talked on the phone more in the last week than I have the last six years combined. Not kidding. I thought I'd hate being on the phone because in Web Comm one of our favorite lines was "we're not phone comm we're web comm" but again, I am happy to report that I like it. 

This change has been full of good surprises and as someone who generally hates surprises (ugh, the unknown), I am happy I took this leap and even happier my new team has been so gracious, fun and helpful. I hope I'm the same to them.